Newrelic Deployments


You can use the New Relic REST API v2 to record deployments, get a list of past deployments, and delete deployments

on the following Official Link you can explore all the methods you can do with the Rest API –

on the following example we’ll review requirements to Invoke-RestMethod on newrelic Deployments and we’ll create a function so we can call it easily

for any purpose .


first you must have an API key for your New Relic account.

to Determine your API key login to your newrelic account go to Account Settings–>API keys

if you need create one or Regenerate it .


Authentication for new relic

to authenticate with the newrelic Rest API we’ll have to provide Authentication details : URL, Headers(API key) & Creds.

For deployment record we will post the following data : Application Name , Application ID, Description, Deploying User

& Revision deployment.


now lets wrapping it up and try to invoke it –

that’s it

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