Get-Command – what are you looking for ?


so…you need to perform some script or command ,but you don’t know the words …and how

to express yourself , don’t worry ! we have solution for it via Powershell .. or Google( 🙂 )

we can find commands and get to know and explore all of them with powershell command named : ‘Get-Command‘ aka “Mother of Commands..”

if we’ll simply enter the command on console we will get all the commands, functions ,alias & cmdlets  installed and recognize on the system.

which means that if we’ve installed and imported External Module ,for example Active Directory then we’ll get all the commands belongs to this module as well.

we can filter the results by Commands Type like cmdlet / function or from which module it came from..

Get All The Commands –

Some Filters ..

Filter by Name –


Filter by Noun –


Filter by type of installed Module –



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